I'm a redneck women!
Kellie Pickler! Such a great woman! Love her! :-) 
From our family to YOURS! :-)
Hey lovely’s!

I’m SO sorry I haven’t been on as much! I’ve been so busy, it’s tough having 4 kids, getting ready for the holidays and having a husband who is like a 5th kid! I love my family to death but this woman has been so stressed and busy to make them all happy! That’s all I want, is to see smiles on their faces and hear lots of laughs! So many Christmas parties lately too for both sides of our families! Ya’ll probably know what it’s like! Although my shopping is complete, it’s tough HIDING gifts and finding time to wrap them all and HIDE them again! Time to drop the kids off at Phil and Kay’s, so Jep and I can get this all done! The kids have been so excited for Santa to come! So I’ve got to hurry and get those gifts wrapped and hidden and start getting meals ready to bring to Phil and Kay’s for Christmas Eve! Hope ya’ll have a HAPPY and SAFE holiday! Please remember NO DRINKING AND DRIVING! Also to have FUN with your FAMILY and FRIENDS! :-) Love ya’ll so much and thanks for understanding! -Jessica :-) 

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Happy Birthday to my favorite woman! The strongest woman I know and someone who has been an inspiration to me since I’ve joined this loving family! Miss Kay Robertson! Thank you for all the laughs and all the love, I shall always cherish them. Have a great birthday you beautiful young woman! :)

Happy Birthday to one of my greatest influences,  my Mamaw Kay! She’s one of the strongest women I’ve ever met. If you know her story, you know what I mean! I love her so much!! Happy Birthday MaMaw Kay!!!♥♥

Dat white boy came to visit!!:)

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From the Duck Commander website from the “Jessica Robertson” page! :) 


Family photos! ♥

We love our babies! Proud of who y’all are today.

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